Do I have to buy products continually to make money ?

No ! At the minimum, you only need to buy one thing to get your balance above zero. After that, your balance can begin to increase. However, your balance may be really small depending on what you have bought, so its best to try to buy more than one product if you are able to over time. You should ideally only buy things you need or would buy if Deals Find You did not exist. We do not want you to buy things just to increase your balance. We are here to help you, so the better your financial decisions are, the happier we are.

Where does the money come from ?

Deals Find You also operates a number of businesses (software, etc). When our businesses do well, we pass most of the profits on to you. We were able to figure out a business model that is sustainable to make Deals Find You a one of a kind place, that for the first time in human history, helps everyone who uses our marketplace out forever.

Can I withdraw any amount from my balance at any time ?

Yes ! However for, all of your purchases you've received cashback for in the last 1 to 3 months, you will not be able to withdraw your full balance because returned items to any store could occur within that timeframe. This prevents someone from buying multiple items, withdrawing their cashback and then returning the items within the allowable return window to the business the item was purchased from.

Do I get cashback credit for purchases made for additional products on a merchant's website ?

Generally, yes ! However each merchant (eg: Amazon, Walmart, etc), may have certain products that will not qualify. If you're really unsure, search for the exact product name on to see if it show's up in the search results. If you see it in the search results, you will get credit for buying it on the merchant's website.

How much will my balance increase and at what frequency ?

At the minimum, your cashback balance should be updated monthly. We can however update your balance on a weekly basis depending on how our other businesses our doing. We do not specify or know how much your cashback balance will change every month since that depends on a number of other factors out of our control. Your cashback balance can increase substantially every month without any action taken by you. We think it's fully possible to see your balance increase by 50% in a month, or double or triple at times. We will try to update you via email (unless you opt out) if your cashback balance has increased by a meaningful amount (more than $5). If you are interested in text message notifications, please email us about that feature

Can my balance go down ?

Only if you withdraw your cashback balance !

Will you really increase my balance forever ?

Yes ! We will try to increase your cashback balance every month once it is above zero. Even if you have not used our site in 2 months or 5 years, we will still try to add to your balance ! The larger your cashback balance is, the greater any increases will be

Can I donate my balance to charity ?

Yes ! We are working hard to enable this functionality on the website. Soon, you will be able to donate your balance to any charity of your choosing. We will convert your balance to a check that will be mailed out to whichever charity you choose. You will however have to initiate the balance conversion to cash or make it a re-occurring conversion. Contact us at if you want this feature.

Why should I use Deals Find You ?

You do not have to use Deals Find You (obviously), but the products you would be giving your money to other companies to buy things is gone as soon as you make the purchase and you get nothing in return. Let's say you want to buy a flat screen TV. If you leave our site and go buy it on, you get nothing other than the TV. However, if you come to Deals Find You first, click on the TV you want and then buy it on Best Buy , you get the TV and within a few days you will have a cashback balance on our site that can be converted to cash or used to pay for things you want to buy for years in to the future.

This is to good to be true, there must be a catch ?

We know it's extremely hard to believe, but there is no catch. If you buy products that are listed on our website, we try to increase your balance every month, forever. That is all there is to it. Try it out !

I live outside the United States, can I use Deals Find You ?

Yes !

How long does it take to convert my balance to cash ?

When you request to have your entire or part of your balance converted to cash, that request is processed every Friday at 6pm (or the following Friday if after 6pm). You should see the money show up in your account by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Am I buying directly from

No. does not sell any products or services. When you go through and select a merchant we then 'link' (take) you to the merchant site to transact. Once you reach the merchants site you are no longer connected to but are now dealing directly with the merchant. If you have any questions or concerns with a product, please contact the merchant from whom you purchased the product.

Do I have to visit before making a purchase?

Yes. In order for you to earn cash back from, you must login to your account, click the merchant you wish to shop with and complete your qualifying transaction during the same browser session.

Is there a fee to use ?

No. Membership at is absolutely free! We want to provide you with a free service that allows for extensive savings, and putting your money where it belongs – back into your pocket!

Can I really make $50 for each of my friends that I invite to use ?

Yes ! Your friend or family member must use a URL you can find on this page and your My Account page, but you must be signed in. They can click the URL in an email, IM, etc and they will be taken to a page that allows them to sign up. As soon as they have a cashback balance of $1000 or more you get the $50. If they buy the things they normally would on Amazon, Best Buy, etc, their balance will quickly reach $1000.

How do I find a specific product on ?

The easiest way to find a specific product is to use the search bar near the top of the page. If you are wanting to buy a watch, it's best to use specific product names like 'Movado' or "3 pack crew neck" or "Scott tissue" or "BMX" or "Reebok boys basketball sneakers". Please contact us if there is any product you'd like to purchase that is not easily found or not available. Go to the Contact page or at

How do I know how much my cashback balance will increase for a given product ?

We don't specify how much you will get per item since there are ten's of thousands of products you can purchase at any given time and new products are added daily. Obviously, if something costs more and you buy it, your cashback balance will go up much more than if you bought something that is 5 times cheaper. The amount that your cashback balance can increase per month (without making another purchase ever again) is dependent on your total cashback balance. So someone with a $500 cashback balance who does not ever purchase another product on will see their cashback balance increase more than someone with a $50 cashback balance who does not ever purchase another product on